Feature: Dear Photographer Blog + Magazine

Have you ever sat down and written a letter to yourself?

I've written a few over the years and they are always so reflective and soul nurturing. It's kind of like looking at your life through pen and paper.... And I've found that it's so much easier to separate the emotions and feelings and "stuff of life" when you are writing it all down. All that said, I was still super nervous when Adri and Jesica from Dear Photographer blog asked if they could feature me and my work.  It's hard putting yourself out there and sharing all. But...I feel like we are all so much alike in so many ways. We all struggle with everyday life somedays, feel on top of the world on others and ho-hum during the in-betweens. As always, I am so honored to be able to share my work and words with others and I truly appreciate the opportunities given to me. If you want to read more, stop by the Dear Photographer blog.