Around Our Clocks - 3pm

Happy Monday, friends!
The "Around Our Clocks" blog circle continues and today we are all sharing a glimpse at what our 3:00pm looks like. I should have just pasted a picture of a tornado on my post today, because we are usually just fresh out of school and on our way to one of many activities at this time. Gymnastics, art, fitness clubs, Girl Scouts....the list goes on and on. Today, we stopped by my kids very favorite place - the library. We come here at least once a week and I usually have to drag them out...especially Anna. I'm pretty sure she would just sit and read at the library all day long. I love this library so much because it's never crowded at all and it's so darn quite (as a library should be, I guess).  It's a great place to sneak away from the craziness that is our week. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! To continue on the "Around Our Clocks" blog circle, click on over to Camille Arner's blog and see what her 3pm looks like!