He, She + Me - December

SHE: loves to be the boss • is so tender hearted • makes lists all day • is the craft planner of our family • skips to the back of her books to figure out how it will end (I can't even...) • begs for breakfast at every meal • starts our family dinner game every night • is obsessed with Halloween but terrified of everything Halloween.

HE: is counting down the days until his birthday (36) • framed a picture of money in a family frame we made (m'kay) • is obsessed with counting + organizing + stacking coins and dollars • loves staying at home • idolizes Anna • prefers to go commando all.the.time • loves to dress fancy • collects + trades + begs for everything Pokemon.

ME: reading Year of Yes + feeling like Shonda Rhimes might be my best friend • working on my new website (yay!) + trying to get up enough courage to follow my heart • struggling with meals and meal planning (why do these people have to eat every night?!?) • obsessed with the light + shadows in my house • craving everything pumpkin + bonfires • leaving the messes the kids make just as they are and choosing to document and celebrate them rather then clean them up • feeling grateful for friends who feel like family

Project Mama + Me is a monthly project created to remember all the little bits + pieces of our everyday. Follow #projectmamaandme on Instagram.