DIY Art Journal

Sometimes I get an itch to create, but don't want to make a huge layout or complete mini book. That's where this fun little DIY Art Journal comes in. I made this fun "journal" when I was at Be Crafty with Amanda and Maggie using the cover of an old book and some book rings! We spray painted the book gold at the workshop and then I painted the black diagonal part onto the front for a little more character. I hot glued in ribbon at the front and back of the book so it had a cute tie closure! 
The inside pages are a mix of fun goodies, photos, book pages, embellishments and more.  The best part about books like this is that anything goes! You really can add in just about anything - painted pages, watercolored pages, envelopes, etc!  I find that I reach for this book a lot "just because" I want to make something! 

Here's a look at a few of my pages....
Do you keep a random "art journal"? A journal that you can dabble in, put away and pick up days or months later? It's very freeing to have some kind of creative outlet and using a smaller scale like this book is perfect for me!!