Day By Day at Studio Calico

I am so excited to be contributor in the first Day By Day class at Studio Calico with the awesome Nicole Reaves!  This will be my FIFTH year doing Project Life and I am actually super excited about it this year!  My books are almost completed from last year, but I can say that I kind of slacked the last half of the year.  It's weird, because I actually took MORE photos, but documented them less.  That's changing this next year, though!!  I've switched my plan and routine up a little for 2015 (and I'll be sharing more about that next week), and it's going to be amazing! 

What I love best about the Day By Day bundle class is that it covers so many different areas and techniques to be used in Project Life!  And basically, it's like year long encouragement to get your album completed!  If you're like me and love new and exciting ideas, then this class is for you!!  

Here's what Studio Calico says about each class:


Enrolling in the Day by Day Workshop bundle will give you access to five workshops in 2015. We've staggered the release dates to keep you inspired and moviated all year long! Here's an overview of each of the workshops.

Project Shots with Nicole Reaves : 

Capture the moments that mean the most. In this workshop we’ll show you how to look through the lens of your camera or phone and see how that moment will fit into your Project Life® spread. Learn interesting angles, subjects, and ideas for bringing in just the right words to capture your everyday. (Available January 2015 - can be purchased separately here)

Chaos Control with Allison Waken : 

Document More. Clutter Less. Lists, tickets, receipts, tags and other memorabilia can add so much to the story in your Project Life® album, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the bits and pieces you collect. In this workshop, we’ll share ideas of memorabilia to save, how to keep it organized and accessible, and then explore fun ways to get it all into your album. (Available March 2015)

Out Of Pocket with Kelly Purkey : 

Stop hiding in the pocket. Give dimension to your Project Life® album by coming out of the pocket. This workshop shows you how to mix things up with additional tools like dies, attachers, hidden journaling, index tabs and dividers to give your spreads interesting components that take your album from simple to simply amazing. (Available June 2015)

Digi Time with Peppermint Granberg : 

Project Life® goes digital. The possibilities are endless when you open up the world of digital on your album. Our digital experts will guide you through techniques, processes and ideas for making digital elements a part of your spreads. Whether you’re a novice or experienced digital user, you’ll walk away from this workshop with ideas to personalize your spreads with digital stamps, templates and printables. (Available September 2015)

ArtSpread with Catherine Davis : 

Artistic Projects for Project Life®. Achieve the artistic impact of the most pinned spreads. The closing workshop of this series focuses on stepping back and looking at your Project Life spread as one canvas. We’ve taken the most popular artistic Project Life® spreads from our gallery and made exclusive sketches. Learn how to use those sketches as a jumping off point to give that artistic look to your next spread. (Available November 2015)

Registration for Nicole's class is open now, or you can purchase the whole Day By Day bundle and save!  You also get this awesome free stamp set, which is just perfect for all your Project Life stamping needs!!

So are you in???  Hope to see you in the classroom!!