San Diego Mini Album

I obviously am suffering from "mini album madness".  I seriously just can't stop making these cute little things!  I think pulling out my December Daily albums really got my creative juices flowing and then I started thinking about all of the other minis that have been on my to-do list.   This mini covers a trip to San Diego my husband and I took back in June.  I've had all of the memorabilia sitting in a box for months, but I had no idea how I wanted to tackle this project.  It was kind of that "too overwhelming to even open" box (both physically and metaphorically).  I was stuck forever on what size of album to use vs. build my own, but then I stumbled across an older Heidi Swapp album that I knew would be absolutely perfect.  Sometimes things all line up, right?  The album was about 6.5 inches tall and about 11 inches wide.....which was just too wide for what I was going for.  So....I pulled out my exact-o knife and cut off about 4.5 inches.  The new size is just PERFECT!  I wish I could find more albums in this size! (Hint hint Heidi!  I will take about 50 of these, please!)

The front had that awesome black & white striped spine (as you see pictured above) and the rest was chipboard.  I used gesso to paint the chipboard section white and then added a die cut of the state of California...which yep, I spray painted gold and then mod podged glitter onto it!  California + Glitter = Awesome.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to live in California one day......

My only goal for the inside of the album was to have lots of layers, lots of photos of different sizes and very minimal plastic page protectors!  To me, there is just something so awesome about actually touching and feeling your photos and memories.  Plastic just doesn't cut it for me sometimes.  I'm sure you all think I'm weird, right? 

This little book of San Diego love ending up being jam packed with goodness!  I've included quite a few of the photos here, but if you want to see a full walk through of the album, be sure to check out the video at the end.  It's nothing more than me turning the pages to music, but sometimes I just love to actually "see" a book in action vs. still photos!

Ok...on to the photos (and video)!

So are you itching to go to San Diego too??  I sure am!  Especially since I know it's 70 degrees and sunny there!  I hope you like my fun little book!!  Thanks so much for stopping by!