A Little Q&A

Happy Tuesday!  Today I'm participating in the awesome Scrapbooker's Blog Tour.  I've followed along with so many of these fun little blog tours and I am so glad that things finally slowed down enough so I could take part!  A great big thanks to my idol, Wilna, for inviting me to play along with her!

1. What am I working on right now?
Right now I am working on restocking my brand new shop!  I am shocked and humbled at all of the orders that came in yesterday.  Most items are sold out right now (so so sorry!!), but I am trying to restock a few items and will hopefully have them up by Friday!!  Yay!  Now...if only I can figure out how to clone myself!!  :)

2. How long does it take me to create a project?
Hmmm...this really all depends on my mood and the project I am working on!  Sometimes it takes me forever to finish something and I find myself having to walk away, regroup and then come back.  And other times I find myself overflowing with thoughts and ideas and am able to crank out some projects pretty quickly.  I would say, in general, I'm a pretty quick "scrapper".  I don't really fuss around too much, and if I find myself stuck on something, I usually just let it sit for a while!!  

3. What are my three favorite things to create with at the moment?
Right now, I am loving embossing, resin flowers and canvas butterflies!  I really enjoy trying out new processes to see how they work.  Sometimes they flop, but sometimes they are magical.  Negative embossing on card stock is magical to me right now!

4. How does my writing/creative process work?
My process usually starts with a thought or idea.  Sometimes I write it down and sketch it out, but usually I just run with the idea and see what evolves.  

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
Oddly enough, exercising actually inspires me.  I feel like it's time all to myself where I can let my mind wander and plan out projects and ideas.  I've found that inspiration and creative energy ebbs and flows and I try to accept that.  Sometimes I could make a million projects, and sometimes I've got nothing!  I try really hard to not get overwhelmed when I feel like all of my ideas run out, but that's easier said than done!

6. What is my signature style?
I think my "signature style" is clean, white and airy with pops of color.  If you follow along with me, you know that I love some white space!  There's nothing better than a large blank canvas!  From there I can add in pretty papers, colors, ribbons and all kinds of fun stuff!

And now it's my turn to tag someone to play along!  I reached out to a zillion people, but it seems like everyone has already had their go round!  I've really enjoyed reading everyone's answers, so I'm linking up my favorites, even if they have already participated!!