Video: Paradise

Happy Monday everyone!!  I'm off gallivanting around Spain today taking photo after photo of this amazing place!  Hope you are doing something awesome today too!  :)

I've been in major travel documentation mode lately and have really enjoyed going back and revisiting some of the trips we took years ago.  I never got around to recording photos from our honeymoon, and what better way to record them than to create a two page layout with lots of photos!!

Today, I've got a little bit of paradise to share with you!!  My husband and I got married in St. John, USVI and we honeymooned there as well.  It literally is paradise.  Most of St. John is national park, so most of the island is undeveloped and breathtakingly beautiful!

I had originally recorded my process for Two Peas, know... so now, I'm posting it here.  Hope you enjoy it!  And I'm really loving the two page layouts!!  Especially for multiple photos and vacation pages.  

You can see the process video here: 

It's paradise, right???

Ahh.....aren't you so ready for the beach??   I may not be in St. John, but I'm definitely enjoying the sand and sun in Spain!!  Wish you were here!!