This Room...

My sweet little craft room (aka my favorite place on Earth).
I love this place.  I love just walking in the door.  I crave being in there when days go by and I haven't stepped foot in there.  I love just shuffling through papers and baskets and bowls with no real purpose in mind.  I love how light and bright this room.  I love the center island and how much more desktop space I have now.  I love that no matter how much desk space I have, I still choose to sit and work on the floor.  I love that I can spread my stuff out all of over the place and then close the door when I'm done so no one messes with my piles and piles of projects.  I love the Ikea Expedit and am still so sad they discontinued that model.  I love how my inspiration board is overflowing with photos and images and ideas.  I love that I just keep adding stuff right on top of stuff on the board.  

What I don't love...the far wall.  The blank wall.  The one that has nothing on it.  It needs something, but I just can't figure out what to put there.  Any thoughts??  I would love to hear them!

Happy day everyone!