Jot Magazine: Jot Pockets Workshop

In just a few short weeks, a new Project Life workshop will begin over at Jot Magazine and it's going to be amazing!  Kim Archer has really put her heart and soul into the Jot Pockets workshop and I know you will love it too!  The course runs for six weeks and covers the basics of organizing and developing a Project Life page, including weekly lessons, bonus projects, prizes and more!

Here's what Kim has to say about Project Life and the Jot Pockets workshop:

"I love the pocket style of scrapbooking. It’s totally changed the way I record our family’s comings and goings and I am thankful to Becky Higgins and her Project Life system for allowing me to create our family’s time capsule using such a great system. I create without putting any pressure on myself. I don’t have expectations of committing to it every single week. I make what I want and when I want without feeling guilty that I am not up to date. But it wasn’t always that way.
A couple of years ago I was drowning in too many choices, too many decisions, absolute overwhelm and confusion about HOW to tackle pocket scrapbooking. I was pinning like a lunatic on Pinterest and reading far too many blogs,  visiting online galleries, websites and stalking  #projectlife on Instagram. I was confused over about what products to use and how to print my photos. Home printing versus printing at Big W took up a LOT of my headspace.  I even stressed over whether to corner round my journaling cards or not as I was worried that whatever decisions I made from the outset had to be decisions I stuck with for my WHOLE PROJECT LIFE album.
I gave up before I began. It was quite a disaster. However, fast forward to January 2013 and I tried again.  I share more of my story in our JOT POCKETS  class.. but this time I took the pressure off myself  and I haven’t looked back.” ~Kim Archer
I hope you will join Kim and the Jot Girls in the workshop!  It's going to be fabulous!  The workshop begins July 6th and registration closes when the class begins!  Click here to sign up now!