For the love of mini books...

It's no surprise that I love mini books.  I love making them, filling them up and then looking through them all.  I love all types of mini books and I'm always on the lookout for new ways to put my books together.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite minis!!

Tag mini albums (or mini albums made with only one ring at the top of the book) are probably my favorite.  I love digging through my scrap pile and mixing in papers and colors to create a fun and messy book.  I think the "messiness" of these books is what I love most.  There really is no rhyme or reason or structure when I put these together.  It's very freeing and fun!  Sometimes I stick with a theme and sometimes I use my leftover photos that never made it to a layout or PL spread.

You can click below to see more of each of the above album....

Interactive books rank right up there with the tag albums!  I love adding hidden pockets, fold outs and the like to albums.  The top two albums pictured here are made with pockets where the photos/page slides all the way into the pocket.  You have to untie the ribbon and slip each page out of the pocket to see the photo.  For the album in the bottom left, I folded up the bottom third of my patterned paper and sewed it into place to create a smaller pocket for photos and journaling.  The album in the bottom right was inspired by Nicole Reaves Mini Book Workshop at Studio Calico!

Sewn books are super fun and easy to make.  It's as easy as stacking a few papers together and then sewing down the middle!  I like to include vellum and other transparent papers, or even die cuts throughout these books.  It adds a nice visual effect since there is a little of color and pattern going on.

Hello Christmas

These books are just a variety of fun and different albums....  My December Daily is always a fave to make.  I like mixing in page protectors and chipboard with all of the different Christmas embellishments.  And Maggie Holmes' Happy Little Moments class at Studio Calico was by far one of my favorite classes ever.  I loved altering an older book!  


So what about you?  Do you have a favorite type of mini album?  I'm not sure I could stick to just one type forever.  My favorite part is mixing them depending on my mood and supplies!