Two Peas: Project Life & a Photo Collage Tutorial

I used Picmonkey to create my collages before printing.  Picmonkey makes creating uniform-sized photos a snap.  For this spread, I printed three 4x6 photos....each one was a collage of six photos.  
I love using Picmonkey to create photo collages.  If you give me more than six photos, it's pretty likely that I will give you back a collage.  Picmonkey is free to use and is so super duper easy.  As you can see in my Project Life spread, I used 2x2 inch photos in a coin page protector. I love the look of the square photos and creating a collage with Picmonkey couldn't be easier.

Here's a quick little tutorial....

Start by going to Picmonkey and choosing the "collage" option from the main screen.  This will open up a collage canvas.  Picmonkey offers a variety of different collages, but I usually like to create my own.  

Click "open photos" and select the photos you would like to use from your computer.

To print a 4x6 photo, you will need to change the pixel size/ratio at the bottom of the screen.  The default setting is to keep the dimensions proportional.  Click the lock button next to the pixel dimensions to unlock the photo proportions and then enter your pixel sizes.  For a 4x6 photo, the pixels will be 1800x1200 (for a landscape photo). 

**Note: at this point, I usually click the "x" in the upper right hand corner of two of the photo boxes.  This leaves me with one large photo on my canvas and makes it easier to get six 2x2 photos on a canvas.  As it is pictured above (one large photo on the left and two smaller photos on the will be adding photos into that design.  Starting with one large photo gives you complete control over the placement of your photos.**

Drag and drop your photos onto the canvas.  As you drag each photo over the canvas, you will see a grey line alongside your photos.  Drop your photos next to one another to have three along the top and three along the bottom.

I like to remove the white spacing between my photos when printing 2x2 inch photographs.  I typically like a white border around my photos, but I feel like these photos are so small that a white border would make them too difficult to discern.  

To remove the white spacing, click on the "paint palette" tool on the lefthand tool bar.  Adjust the "spacing" toggle to 0.  Your photos are now borderless and ready to be saved and printed.

Click on the "save" button at the top of the screen and save to your computer.  Send to your local photo printer or home printer.  Just make sure that you are printing these photos "borderless" to keep the true 2x2 inch size.  Trim and add to your page protectors!

There you have it!  A quick and easy way to create collages of smaller sized photos.
Thanks so much for stopping by!  Let me know if you have any questions!!