project life: january 2014

i debated how to approach project life this year for quite some time (you can read about my initial dilemma here).  i tried out the handbook but it was just too small for me (and i love mini albums, obviously)....  and then i decided on the 8.5x11 size and "thought" that was going to work, but i couldn't wrap my head around my 4x6 photos and how easy it is to print them.  the 8.5x11 just seemed like a lot of work the more i thought about it and i need this project to be easy if i'm going to make it the whole year.

in the end, after lots and lots of consideration, i decided to stick with the 12x12 size, but use a variety of page protectors and sizes.  i'm loving the mix of sizes in my book.  i love how you can see the next spread peeking through when you flip the page.  i love the colors and the photos and how there are "no rules" at all.  and i love how i have more spreads for january then there are weeks in january.  it's a win-win situation for me. 

to make my process as easy as possible, i'm sticking with 4x6 photos with a white border in all of the 4x6 slots.  if i fill a photo in one of the middle pockets, or use a smaller sized pocket, i'm printing my photos to fill the entire pocket.  this way, i don't have to worry about finding a card to fill that pocket, trimming paper to mat the photo, etc.  i'm trying to "simplify" the process and let project life be what it's supposed to be....easy and quick.

simple design a.

this is a "baseball card" page protector for an office supply store.  the sizes are roughly 2.75x3.75.  here you are looking at the front and back of the page (which i layered beside each other in pse.).  i used the february life pages kit from gossamer blue for this spread.

customized page protector.
i'll be sharing this tutorial on the gossamer blue blog later this month, but basically, i created this pocket page protector by sewing and trimming a 12x12 page.  this was also made with the february kits from gossamer blue....mostly the elle's studio "love you more" collection.

design a again.  (i still love this size even though i'm "kinda" over it.)

backside of design a and one half of a design a (i just trimmed it down the middle). 
i'm making spreads with the photos i have, and i only had six 4x6 photos on hand.  last year, i would have searched my phone and computer for just two more photos...or maybe tried to figure out how to add a "filler" card or extra journaling.  but not this year.  i just cut out what i didn't need and went to town.  and it felt so good.  

and that wraps up january!  and i'm still on the "project life bandwagon".  i'm still loving this book and i can't wait to start working on february.  i love not having to feel committed to a week at a time, or even a photo a day (which i did last year).  i love taking photos, and i take plenty, but not necessarily a photo a day.  monthly is my jam right now!'s your project life coming?