happy news 2014: garden girl

i remember exactly where i was sitting when i opened an email from kristina nicolai-white (owner of two peas in a bucket).  i was sitting on a bench at the playground while my kids were running crazy. i sat in shock for quite a while.  was she serious? did she really want ME to be a part of her team? am i even "good" enough to be a garden girl?  what if all of my great ideas were used up in 2013??  (i did well over 400 projects in 2013.  that's a lot of creative juice.)  what if my juices ran dry?

there was so much doubt and fear and worry.  but also lots of excitement, giddiness and pure joy. it is truly a dream come true to be a part of two peas in a bucket.  seriously.  i am so honored to have my picture up there with all of these ladies.  i've admired these designers forever and to be a part of this group means the world to me!

i'm not even sure how many people read this blog.  are blogs becoming a thing of the past??  i sure hope not.  i love blogs.  i love keeping a blog and i love visiting others' blogs.  so if you are out there reading this, i hope you will come along on this journey with me.  it's definitely going to be fabulous!!  here's looking to an amazing 2014!