elle's studio: 100% boy

when i was pregnant with my son i remember thinking "what in the world do little boys do? surely this one will be into dolls and jewelry like his big sister.".  little did i know....my boy is 100% boy.  for sure.  he loves trucks, trains, cars and basically everything with wheels. monster trucks are his new favorite.  i'm pretty sure he has slept with two every night this week.

as soon as i saw the "100% boy" card in the cameron collection at elle's studio, i knew i wanted to make a layout all about my sweet boy!!

i went through the ga-zillion printed photos i have in my craft room and found a few of him "being himself".  i created a photo grid on a several different paper layers and then added the "100% boy" card to the right of my pictures.  to add a little texture and dimension to my page, i trimmed out the pie chart and words on the "100% boy" card and then sewed them onto a trimmed piece of paper.  i love adding dimension to my pages!!

here's a look at my layout, as well as few more detail pictures!

do you have a "100% boy" on your hands?  they keep you on your toes, right??  don't forget to document all of those sweet boy memories!!

happy day everyone!