Hi friend!! I am absolutely honored and humbled you are interested in working with me for an in-home lifestyle family session. This session would be a complimentary session and would take place in the comfort of your own home. These sessions are the feel-good, down home, warm and fuzzy sessions. You can throw the "look at the camera and say 'cheese'" line out the window, because we really want be using that here. In-home sessions capture you and your sweet family in your own element. They capture bits and pieces of your day to day routine - all in the place you love most. 

a little about my sessions....

My sessions are a mixed of posed and unposed moments. By "posed" I mean, I will place you in some pretty light and might have you angle a certain way. Don't be surprised if the spot I nestle you all into is a hallway or bathroom or something crazy like that! My goal is to find the best light and then make it work for your session. A few of my most used rooms are: the master bedroom, children's bedrooms, kitchen, family room.  After that, the "unposed" part comes in and this is where you connect with your children and husband. I will typically keep you in a certain spot for a few minutes and will work my way around each of you to capture your interactions, special moments and more. I want you to spend our time together focusing on YOUR sweet family! I want you to relax and cuddle your babies, give them kisses, hug your husband! I want the REAL you. Your REAL family moments. Those REAL smiles. We will also venture outdoors (weather permitting) for a few photos in your yard and the front of your home. These are always so of my favorite types of images! Indoors or out, it will be magical and for the most part, I'm going to ask that you please just IGNORE my camera and the fact that I'm taking your photo! I know photos can feel awkward and weird anyway, so just pretend that I'm not there and we should be all good! 


Now that you've learned a little about me, I would absolutely LOVE to learn more about YOU and your sweet family!! Please take a sec to click on the image below to complete the in-home session questionnaire! We'll basically be like best friends after this! ;)