Before you dive into the workshop, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being here. I am truly honored you would join me in this workshop. Film is very near and dear to me and I love sharing it with just about anyone who will listen! I think everyone should give a film a go because it really does make you go back to the roots of photography and reminds you why you do what you do!!

Ok! Let's get started!

First up is some administrative stuff just to set you off in the right direction.

  • All of the workshop content is available to you on this site to work through at your own pace and to refer back to as desired. For downloading purposes, all of the materials can be downloaded from Dropbox here. A high resolution of the complete workshop PDF is also available in the Dropbox link. The PDF was too large to be supported on this site, so be sure to download from Dropbox.
  • As you will see when working through the workshop, each lesson has it's own PDF linked on the page, so the PDF and video/information is easily available for you as you go! The PDF will open in a new window when you click on the link.
  • The PDFs and text are best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • You can return to the lessons page by clicking the "Return to Film Love Lessons" button at the bottom of every lesson. 
  • The PDF has also been uploaded to Blurb if you were interested in printing a soft-bound copy for yourself! You can find the book on Blurb here
  • A link to the classroom Facebook group is here.  Add me as a friend on Facebook if we aren't already and I will add you to the group! I hope you will come join us!! This is where I will be sharing assignments to keep you motivated and any additional tips, tricks or information! This is an open dialogue group and I want you to post ALL your film scans, chat about anything film related and ask ANY questions you have. There are absolutely NO stupid questions! Promise! And if you aren't on Facebook, no worries at all! Just send me an email and I will email the assignment list out to you!
  • Assignments are posted in the Facebook group. I've included a variety of challenges to push yourself with film! Pick and choose what speaks to you! You can work through them in any order you would like! They are just there to help encourage you if you feel stuck!
  • There is a workshop survey at the bottom of the lessons page and I would LOVE for your to complete the survey after you've worked your way through the workshop! And and all feedback is greatly appreciated! xo
  • You can reach me at anytime for anything at stephanie@stephaniebryanphoto.com! I am here for you!