Your family session is just a few weeks away and I am counting down the days until I get to spend some time with your beautiful faces! Before our session gets here, there are a few things to consider to make our session as amazing as possible.


your moments matter.

My sessions are a mixed of posed and unposed moments. For the most part, I'm going to ask that you please just IGNORE my camera and the fact that I'm taking your photo! I know photos can feel awkward and weird anyway, so just pretend that I'm not there and we should be great! When I get to your home, I will likely have you give me a little tour so I can see how the light is in your house. I always like to work my way around your home throughout a session, making sure to capture your family as they are in your most loved rooms. 

I will settle you all into some pretty light in a perfect place and will help guide you as needed. Don't be surprised if the spot I nestle you all into is a hallway or bathroom or something crazy like that! My goal is to find the best light and then make it work for your session. A few of my most used rooms are: the master bedroom, children's bedrooms, kitchen, family room. We will also venture outdoors for a few photos in your yard and the front of your home. These are always so of my favorite types of images! Indoors or out, I will typically keep you in a spot for a few minutes and will work my way around each of you to capture your interaction, special moments and more. I want you to spend our time together focusing on YOUR sweet family! I want you to relax and cuddle your babies, give them kisses, hug your husband! I want the REAL you. Your REAL family moments. Those REAL smiles. If you aren't sure what to do, grab someone close and give them a squeeze. Or pick your son up and twirl him around. Play with your daughter's sweet curls. Or nuzzle into your spouse's neck. Just be in this moment with your family. (And mamas, be sure to share this bit of information with all those dads!). I promise to capture some of those "everyone look at the camera and smile" moments too, so don't worry! :) I truly believe in capturing those organic, natural moments of your family. The moments that I wish I had captured for my family. The moments that fade too quickly with time....the small fingers, the hand holding, the drawn pictures hanging on the fridge and more. Just about anyone can ask you to look at a camera and "smile". My goal is to give you a glimpse of what your wonderful life looks like through the lens! 


important tips

1. While you don't have to re-paint or completely organize your home, I do suggest picking up just a little so distracting elements (like piles of clothes, boxes, etc...) aren't the main focus of your photos. If needed, I may move some things out of our way as I shoot, but will always put everything back where it belongs at the end of our session! 

2. We will likely spend a part of our session in the master bedroom. If you have a neutral or light colored comforter/duvet, throw that on your bed. The lighter color will help act as a reflector and is a good neutral base for some pretty photos.

3. Make sure everyone in your family has eaten a little something before our session. Taking a snack break at the middle of our session is always fun to capture, so we can do that as needed! I always suggest avoiding foods that might stain mouths, teeth, lips, etc.. (pasta sauce, colored drinks, candy, etc...). And moms - don't forget to eat too! :)

4. Be prepared to hug, kiss, cuddle, throw, swing, spin, twirl and tickle your babies. This session is all about YOUR family and I want to capture you all in your element. If there's something special your sweet baby does (like suck their thumb or twirl their hair), then let them! These are the precious moments you don't even know you want! 

5. Talk to your kids about me and our upcoming session! Tell them I'm coming to visit and that we are going to have SO MUCH FUN! 

6. Your kids may melt down. And that's TOTALLY FINE! Just let them be kids. They usually snap out of the fit at some point and then are totally fine. And even if they are fussy the entire time, that's a-okay too! I promise you, I am capturing magical moments even when it seems like it's just not possible! And we will take breaks when we need to.

7. Feel free to bring out any special lovies, stuffed animals or blankets. These special items are such a BIG part of your here and now. Let's include them! 

8. I'm a mama to two and sometimes I know I need back-up reinforcement. I'm not against offering up a treat or reward for positive behavior, so feel free to bring along small treats, such a gummy bears or fruit snacks to use as needed during our session (I suggest avoiding any candy/snacks that might stain or color fingers/teeth/tongues).

9. Please click on the two images below (contract and model release) to complete these forms prior to our session. 

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