Your newborn session is just a few weeks away and I am counting down the days until I get to spend some time with you and your beautiful new bundle of joy. Before our session gets here, there are a few things to consider to make our session as amazing as possible.

Stephanie Bryan Photography - Lifestyle Photographer

important tips

1. Please keep your baby awake for as long as possible the morning of our session. This is probably the most important step you will take to prepare for your session. A bath, awake time and/or interacting with your baby for at least 2 hours if not more before the session will ensure that they are asleep during the session. Even if your baby normally is a sound sleeper, or goes right back to sleep after eating at home, please follow this step. 

2. Please plan to feed your baby and change his/her diaper right before I arrive at your beautiful home.

3. Please dress your sweet baby in either a plain onesie or just a diaper prior to our session. Tight clothing, such as pants and socks can leave indentions on skin and can just upset your sleeping baby when we try to remove them. 

4. Babies like to be warm and cozy, so I ask for you to please turn up your heat (during winter) or down your air (during the summer). It might be a little hot and sticky for you, but I promise your baby will be cozy and happy. I always suggest wearing lighter clothing, flowy dresses or layers during the session so you will be comfortable.

5. If you have older children, please arrange for your husband to occupy them after we capture a few sibling and family shots.  Family and sibling photographs will be taken first, and then the rest of the session will focus on the baby, mama/baby and daddy/baby.

5. Please have a pacifier handy! This is super important tip. I recommend pacifiers such as the Philips Avent pacifier, or any one-piece silicone paci. I like these best because they won't leave lines on the baby's face after taking it out of their mouth. Some moms may be against the use of pacifiers, or worried about nipple confusion, but rest assured that the short amount of time that we may use it will not have a negative effect on nursing.  It does not stay in the baby's mouth for long periods of time, a few seconds here or there is all we need to calm the baby. 

6. I will be bringing along blankets, headbands, onesies, swaddles and a few other items for our session. If there is anything you would like to be included in your session, just let me know and we can figure something out! I will also be bringing along a white-noise machine to soothe your baby during our session if needed. 

7. Please click on the two images below (contract and model release) to complete these forms prior to our session. 



your moments matter.

I have one BIG rule for all of my sessions! I am going to ask that you please just IGNORE my camera and the fact that I'm snapping your photo! I know photos can feel awkward and weird anyway, so just pretend that I'm not there and we should be great! We will definitely take some of those "everyone look at the camera" moments, but unless we're setting up for that, I want you to focus on YOUR sweet family and your adorable new bundle of joy! I want you to relax and cuddle your baby, give them kisses, hug your husband! I want the REAL you. Your REAL family moments. Those REAL smiles. 

If any of the above scares you, then I may not be the best person to record your memories. I truly believe in capturing those organic, natural moments of your family. The moments that I wish I had captured for my family. The moments that fade too quickly with time....the small fingers, the wrinkly toes, the mama snuggles and more.Just about anyone can ask you to look at a camera and "smile". My goal is to give you a glimpse of what your wonderful life looks like through the lens!